The Game- Survivor

I NEED VOTES!! I am playing the game of Survivor with GingerScraps and I need some serious votes for my layout. All you have to do is go register at GingerScraps, then the forum to vote. You only have until tomorrow morning (8/1) at 7am to cast your vote, before the poll closes. So go vote now!!! Here is the layout you are voting for:

Thank you so very much- I totally appreciate it!!

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Angela said...

I totally voted for you! You deserve to win! Good luck Erica! I registered, (which was easy), waited for the confirmation e-mail (2 seconds), then went back to Erica's post and hit the FORUM button in her post and voted for STANWORTH. It only takes a minute people! VOTE! :) Thanks Erica for helping me! GGGOOOO ERICA!!!!