New Sale!!

You don't want to miss out on the latest happenings with the CT of Trixie Scraps!!

Sshh! Don't tell the boss! I've commandeered her blog for a minute to let you all in on a super secret sale I've cooked up! I'm going to start popping in when Tracy isn't looking and picking a Trixie Scraps kit to discount for you all. I'm going to call it "Lindsey's Picks." I think it has a nice ring to it...don't you?
And, hey, why not start TODAY!!

This time around, I picked Work It. Around here, we're all busy getting ready for swimsuit season. We're working it! This is such a perfect kit to document that journey from flab to FAB!
Pick it up HERE for (PLEASE don't tell Tracy) 50% OFF!!!

I don't know how long I can keep it discounted before she finds out, but I'm pretty sure 3 days is about all the time we'll get for this. So, make sure you nab it by this Saturday, June 12. This discount ONLY applies to the personal Trixie Scraps store; I can't monkey around in those other ones. So, my fellow scrappers, make your move. Until next time...

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